Vancouver Launch of My Electrician Drives a Porsche

Final Cover DesignGianni Kovacevic’s book My Electrician Drives a Porsche? will be launched in Vancouver at the Vancouver Club on Tuesday, February 9th at 4:30. The event is part of the Bon Mot Book Club’s Book “Sandwhiched In Series.” Additional details about the event and how to register for it can be found here.

I have attended a few of these events: one with Peter C. Newman and another with author Salim Mansur. They are always very thought provoking and well organized. Leah Costello brings in a lot of great speakers. I am really looking forward to this event featuring Gianni’s book which is a highly entertaining dialogue between a doctor and an electrician and their “investment” adventures. As a layperson when it comes to investing, I found the book very educational and entertaining. Each book that I work on is a window into a different world and Gianni’s gave me insight into a world I have very little experience with. Ironically, I finished reading the book (I always have to read every book that I do publicity for) at a friend’s home in North Seattle, where the book is set. My friend was charging his electric car while I was there and Gianni will be driving his electric car, a Tesla, across North America from Toronto to the Tesla headquarters to promote his “Realistic Environmentalist Tour.” ¬†Anyway for more info about the book and Gianni check out¬†My accidental publicist adventures continue to bring me in touch with interesting people and interesting ideas. There is never a dull moment in publicity.